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Kevin Schwaiger artist statement about


Kevin Schwaiger lives in Stockerau, a town near vienna. Already in early years he was interested in art, in the form of drawings and photography. In his youth he became more and more interested in the art and design of advertising posters and commercials, which led him to teach himself the knowledge of graphics and the use of common graphics programs, through books. At the age of 26 he decided to pursue his hobby as a profession and studied applied photography at the FH St. Pölten and graduated with a diploma. This was followed by studies in graphic design at the Deutsche Pop in Vienna, which he also completed with a diploma. He is currently studying graphic design at the University of West London in a bachelor’s degree course and is gaining new experience in this field every day.



artist statement


As a graphic designer I try to present topics visually to the people in order to give them an easier access to the edited topic. Part of my process before I start my work is to move around in the environment of the topic I am working on in order to absorb the different impressions and make them my own so that I can get an impression of what the communication should look like. I don’t want to communicate with the most obvious things but rather give people a thought-provoking stimulus with analogies and different approches. 


In all my work I try to bring visual communication that is inherent in the modern world closer to the people in different ways and media. Visual communication is not about working on topics, it is about writing stories on the blank space in front of you.